I have designated activities for each day of the week.
Monday: Letter of the week (during school year)
                Theme Day (summertime)
Tuesday: Music Time
Wednesday: Crafts
Thursday: The World Around Us
Friday: Movie/Pizza & Baking (rotated weekly)

Letter of the week: A new letter is introduced weekly and the State that begins with the letter. We also search inside and outside for anything that starts with the letter. ex: toys, colors, names, words, plants, etc.
Theme day: To start the week off during the summer I introduce the theme for the week. Our theme then follows the week activities. Examples of our themes are; Space, Ocean, Beaches, Birds & Butterflies, Science, Camping, National Parks etc.
Gardening: We start in early spring by planting seeds and then transplanting seedlings for the garden. The children help from day one and enjoy the end result of delicious home grown fruits and vegetables. Including taking home canned goods in the fall.
Music Day: I have hired a Licensed Music Therapist that comes in weekly for 30 minutes. She incorporates colors, letters and numbers along with a large selection of musical instruments, songs and games.
Crafts: Our weekly craft day includes everything from finger painting, chalk drawings, nature crafts, crafts kits and seasonal/holiday crafts.
Computer: I use Jump Start programs for Preschool-2nd Grade. The children start by learning how to use the mouse by clicking on colors, numbers and letters then graduate to using the keyboard to form words and working on math skills.
Movie/Pizza & Baking: Every other Friday we watch a Disney Movie and eat homemade pizzas. On the opposite Friday we bake anything from cookies, cupcakes, monkey bread to jello and pudding. 

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